Uptown Nasi Lemak, pictured with ayam goreng berempah and Nyonya acar.
Yass… nasi lemak with ayam goreng berempah

Our Story

Uptown Nasi Lemak is founded by two Malaysian childhood buddies. Growing up in suburban Petaling Jaya was a blessing as it is a food paradise known for many Malaysian hawker specialties like Bak Kut Teh, prawn noodles, chicken rice, curry laksa, asam laksa, char kuay teow, nasi kandar, and a whole lot more culinary mix.

Then there’s the iconic nasi lemak.

Uptown Nasi Lemak takes inspiration from some of the best Malaysian nasi lemak that you can find in Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (yes, addresses in Malaysia are really long).

There, you can find nasi lemak in all forms and combinations that can satiate your cravings for weeks. From award-winning nasi lemak specialty restaurants to the car boot establishments, from tried traditional recipes to the jaw-dropping Alaskan king crab variety, choices are staggering, but hey, that is just how it is.

Nasi Lemak

A Malaysian staple, the nasi lemak dish is an orgasmic assemble of fragrant coconut rice, spicy sweet sambal, crunchy peanuts and anchovies, topped with either a fried sunny side or hard boiled egg. This mix forms the foundations of nasi lemak.

The nasi lemak is served in many forms – wrapped pyramid shaped in banana leaf, or on a plate accompanied by the quintessential ayam goreng berempah (spiced fried chicken), sambal tumis ikan kembung (fried mackerel stuffed with stir-fried chilli paste), asam udang (spicy tamarind prawns), and a whole lot more iterations.

Our Version of the Icon

Uptown Nasi Lemak leans towards traditional Malaysian recipes whereby a host of condiments and spices are used to bring out a harmonious medley of flavours and texture. Our nasi lemak is served with tested Malaysian favourite side-dishes, whether it is ayam goreng berempah, kapitan chicken, rendang beef, ikan sambal tumis, asam udang, sambal sotong (squid in stir-fried chilli paste), or sambal kerang (cockles in stir-fried chilli paste). We have also added Nyonya acar to bring the taste buds to a full circle.

Meet the Foodies

Picture of Mervyn Koh, founder of Uptown Nasi Lemak

Mervyn Koh


Eats food. Lots of it. Known to eat six packets of nasi lemak in a single sitting.

Photo of Simon Phun, founder of Uptown Nasi Lemak

Simon Phun

Also Foodie

Eats more food. Eats nasi lemak at any time of the day and prefers spicier sambal.

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